Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back in the saddle again!! Whooo Hooo!

Right on!!  I got a job!!  So excited!   I started on monday, and it looks like good work, still in the RV business so that is good!  I was getting pretty down!  When you go to walmart to try and  get work, and they tell you they don't need you, and then start going around the store and see some of the people they actually hire?  Whew!  that was a blow to my ego!  HA!

Anyways, now I will feel more like posting, because before, I would start but then just get depressed and when I would get done writing a draft I would look over it and see that it was just all down and out stuff.  And I didn't want to post that stuff!

So, hopefully you will hear more from the Sasquatch!!