Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yeah Riiiiiiiight

I have been told by friends that support our president, blindly I might add, that our president does everything out of love for his fellow man.  I find this almost laughable.  There are many things this president has done that prove he is just another political hack looking for as much power as possible, but the one thing that seems to stick out the most to me, besides his ears,  oops, sorry, not supposed to make jokes about this president.  I forgot my place here in the US.  I forgot for a second there, that I am a white, male,and conservative, loser not allowed to give his opinion of this president, unless I be cast as a racist.
Now where was I?  Oh yeah, this president, love for his fellow man being his motivation to be president, oh yeah, that's right.
Is not the President of the US,the most powerful man in the world?  In fact, if I remember right, during his nomination victory speech in 08' he stated "Generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation"
Really?  Now that you are the Democratic nomination, your going to do what only God does? Lower the ocean levels and get our planet to heal?  Okaaaaay.
So I say all that to say this.  If all of that is true, then why in the world am I still paying $3.50 a gallon for gas?!   And that's cheap compared to the east and west coast.  One of the biggest factors affecting (RT, I hope that's the right word, HA) the poor and middle class is the price of fuel.  It's not just that it's now more expensive to get to and from work, but high fuel prices drive up the cost of everything.  Food, products, our precious electronic toys, cost of services, everything's cost is directly related to the cost of the fuel it takes to move product and get services to us.
You say your doing everything out of love for your fellow man?  Then, quit being such a tool for the whacked out environmental left, and get the gas flowing.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back in the saddle again!! Whooo Hooo!

Right on!!  I got a job!!  So excited!   I started on monday, and it looks like good work, still in the RV business so that is good!  I was getting pretty down!  When you go to walmart to try and  get work, and they tell you they don't need you, and then start going around the store and see some of the people they actually hire?  Whew!  that was a blow to my ego!  HA!

Anyways, now I will feel more like posting, because before, I would start but then just get depressed and when I would get done writing a draft I would look over it and see that it was just all down and out stuff.  And I didn't want to post that stuff!

So, hopefully you will hear more from the Sasquatch!!

Friday, January 20, 2012


I am not writing this to get sympathy, or anything like that.  Sasquatch don't need no sympathy.  Wow, did I just go third person there. Yikes!
Anyways, back in July, while on vacation mind you, I get an email from the owner of the company I worked for telling me that I was laid off, and my services were no longer needed.
First, he knew I was on vacation it's not that big of a company, in fact I had just talked to them a day or two before that.
And second, an Email?!! really??!  not cool, or very professional.
Well, with great confidence that surely I would find something right away, I mean come on, who wouldn't want this sexy beast on their team!!
Well, its January 2012 and still no employment in the industry I have been in for 17 years.  This economy really sucks right now!  And this is hard, I have never had a problem finding work, all my life.  And you talk about a smack to your confidence.  Man!
So still looking, but I think I am going to have to take my own advice and stop looking in just my local area.  I have always said, if you can't find work where you live, you may have to work in a different location for awhile and then when things improve move back to the area you were at.
We will see.
I have not been on unemployment all this time, I just can't bring myself to take it.  I have been doing installs for one of the 2 big "do it yourself" home improvement box stores.  And if you want to know which, its not the orange one.
I will post about my experience with this store next.  You talk about a dysfunctional way of working, Wow
to be continued...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Three Equal Branches

In our family we have a saying.  If someone states the obvious, or learns something basic they should already know.  We say Duuuh, Big Red Truck.  It's from a stupid joke, the punch line being, Duuuuh, Big Red Truck!  In other words, Duh, your an idiot.
With that being said, We have a President that thinks the Executive branch of our Government is superior to the other two.  His organizational chart would look something like this:

                     President Moron (with all due respect)
      Do Nothing Congress            Stoopid right wing court

Then way down here,        Us Peons

Notice there are no states in between, he doesn't believe in states rights,  or else he wouldn't be suing states like Arizona for prosecuting their immigration laws.
When he makes statements like if Congress isn't going to do it, then he will just have to do it and get it done.  Duh, Mr President, Big Red Truck.  That's how the checks and balances were created by men much more smarter than you.  The Congress doesn't do the bidding of the President.  Your supposed to work together, as EQUAL branches of the government.  If you want something to pass through Congress, Hmm," pass through Congress" isn't that what usually happens, it's "passed" through Congress and dumped on us.  As I was saying, sorry I get distracted, :)  If you want something to pass through Congress go through the proper channels to do it, you don't have the right to bypass and just do it on your own. Wasn't this guy supposed to be a Constitutional Scholar?  He should get his money back, because he was jacked!
Mr President, read the constitution, you might learn a thing or two!

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Blog, New Musings

Aww, who am I kidding!  More Rants!! Whoo Hoo!  After having a blog for about 3 years I burned out in 2009.  Didn't have too many followers, just family and some pretty cool bloggers, that allowed me to hang around.
So, here we go again.
There are going to be discussions about Sports, politics, with some faith talk mixed in.  Now don't get all worked up, it won't be that deep! HA.
So, is it just me, or do certain people become morons when talking about their teams or the players on said team, or opinions about whatever.
"The QB on my team is the best, no one is even close, he is the best ever!"  "There is no way Alabama is going to beat LSU!"  As if the number two team in the country couldn't possibly have a shot at beating the number one team.
I am all for supporting your team, or opinion, but to be so closed minded that you don't even listen to reason, or little things like FACTS!!
If you read this and it sounds like you, well, then, your a Moron!