Monday, January 9, 2012

New Blog, New Musings

Aww, who am I kidding!  More Rants!! Whoo Hoo!  After having a blog for about 3 years I burned out in 2009.  Didn't have too many followers, just family and some pretty cool bloggers, that allowed me to hang around.
So, here we go again.
There are going to be discussions about Sports, politics, with some faith talk mixed in.  Now don't get all worked up, it won't be that deep! HA.
So, is it just me, or do certain people become morons when talking about their teams or the players on said team, or opinions about whatever.
"The QB on my team is the best, no one is even close, he is the best ever!"  "There is no way Alabama is going to beat LSU!"  As if the number two team in the country couldn't possibly have a shot at beating the number one team.
I am all for supporting your team, or opinion, but to be so closed minded that you don't even listen to reason, or little things like FACTS!!
If you read this and it sounds like you, well, then, your a Moron!


  1. Welcome back! :-)

  2. @pinhead, your master!

    @RT, thanks, gonna be fun!

  3. Hello??? Hello?... Is there an echo in here?
    Nope. Just the deafening sound of the silent LSU kool aid drinkers. What?! Did you think you weren't gonna get ragged for losing to Alabama? Who can't score a touchdown except by accident! Yeah, you lost to them. Instead of punting every time, maybe Les Miles should have let Jordan Jefferson try some field goals. I hear tell he can really kick.....

  4. Welcome back, sir! And everyone knows Michigan is the best team in college football! *ducks*

  5. Welcome back Sas. No one can quite say "Moron" like the Sasquatch! Looking forward to more..
    Love, Maw

  6. Welcome back, Kotter... I mean, Sasquatch. :)

  7. I read this today,

    "You hear that the LSU Tigers got stuck in New Orleans after the game last night? Some pranksters painted a 50-yard-line in front of the team bus, and the Tigers couldn’t figure out how to cross it."

  8. Adding to post count only!! I have a boss who loves the whole "team" concept. Except when he gets his HUGE bonus. That he gets on his own.

  9. Hey.. some of us morons resemble that remark!