Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Three Equal Branches

In our family we have a saying.  If someone states the obvious, or learns something basic they should already know.  We say Duuuh, Big Red Truck.  It's from a stupid joke, the punch line being, Duuuuh, Big Red Truck!  In other words, Duh, your an idiot.
With that being said, We have a President that thinks the Executive branch of our Government is superior to the other two.  His organizational chart would look something like this:

                     President Moron (with all due respect)
      Do Nothing Congress            Stoopid right wing court

Then way down here,        Us Peons

Notice there are no states in between, he doesn't believe in states rights,  or else he wouldn't be suing states like Arizona for prosecuting their immigration laws.
When he makes statements like if Congress isn't going to do it, then he will just have to do it and get it done.  Duh, Mr President, Big Red Truck.  That's how the checks and balances were created by men much more smarter than you.  The Congress doesn't do the bidding of the President.  Your supposed to work together, as EQUAL branches of the government.  If you want something to pass through Congress, Hmm," pass through Congress" isn't that what usually happens, it's "passed" through Congress and dumped on us.  As I was saying, sorry I get distracted, :)  If you want something to pass through Congress go through the proper channels to do it, you don't have the right to bypass and just do it on your own. Wasn't this guy supposed to be a Constitutional Scholar?  He should get his money back, because he was jacked!
Mr President, read the constitution, you might learn a thing or two!


  1. That is an insult to morons. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. As a moron, I was offended.

    2. 3 posts? 3 posts???!!????!!!!! U kidding me? 3 posts!!?!